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Sunday, August 15th, 2010

…. as in, Are we ready to?

I’ll speak for myself, and I think John, too, when I say that we’ve got those pre-rumble butterflies. We have one week left on the East coast, which means that we’ll be heading back to the West coast, which means it’s getting close to Rumble Time.

I’d much rather someone ask, “Are you excited?”. Then I could say, Yes, thanks for asking. We are. Or, “When do you guys split?” Oh, ya know, soon as we get the RV… and a few other small things, like sound equipment and Final Cut, no big….

But are we ready to rumble…?

I’m nervous, and even intimidated at times, but we are getting closer. I’ve been talking to Screen Actors Guild; I’m working on the contract/logistics…. The story/screenplay is progressing from a stutter to a song…. And even the kids are talking about the trip.

It’s clear as an interstate sign that we will have some big surprises (read: challenges) ahead of us. But first: find that RV. Second, get our good friends the Korades to Yoda us on the ways of the RV –“Do not THINK (about the septic tank), young Adams, DO!” And then, finish getting what we need for the shoot (sound/editing).

Beyond that? Roll out the concrete carpet, ’cause we’ll be living in our new castle-on-wheels and just start learning as we go. Literally. (And not just about the film. There’s all the history and geography and….the girls have already learned how to swear in French! Ok, Lulu is writing a book, and Zelda is studying piano. And the girls can swear in French.)

Ok, CA here we come. And if anyone knows of a really cool looking, functional, affordable RV for sale out there, let us know! We may go the buy-an-old-rental route, for its warranty benefits, but man, those suckers are hurting on the style front…..

Oh! And the title of the film as of now is: Never Say Goodbye.