Ready…. Aim…. Fire!!

At Wonder Wheel our third feature film is cocked and ready to blare.  Nothing like staring down the barrel of a shiny new production, and this one is poised to be a real blast…..  

Noticing a theme here?  Clever pistol, aren’t you….    Well, yes, our next film is aptly called THE SHOOT.   It’s about some rockers who go to the desert to rob a high-end fashion shoot (a little double-entendre there), and  before you can say “Strike a pose, darling,” bullets are flying, girls (and boys) in bikinis are fleeing, the desert sun is pounding, and the coyotes start hounding.  

Of course it’s also a love story.  Because why not?  When you’ve got the heat hurting, heads spinning, and guns spitting nickel, it’s good to temper it with a little sweet buttery love-brickle.

April is the big month, but along the way we’ll have John’s weekly musical hors d’oeuvres from the wicked score he’s cooking up, served up with stories from the production front.  As with our other films, this will be a family affair — but this time we’re joined by several new (and fantastic) actors and  crewmembers  we cannot wait to work with!  We’re dropping the hammer on this baby and hope you’ll stick around for the new-movie mayhem…..