John Adams

When not making films, John Adams is an accomplished artist and musician. He has shown his artwork in California and New York - see He is also known as John Law and for years has been blasting loyal audiences in the Northeast rock scene with his unabashed performances with bands Banana Fish Zero and Statues of Liberty.

Hailing from New York state, John enjoyed an illustrious modeling career in the '90s, having represented the likes of Armani and Calvin Klein and traveling all over the globe. He's also a carpenter, barn-builder, house-raiser and soccer coach. In 2008 the Fuse Channel cast John as Rock and Roll Acid Test's go-to maniac-with-a-hammer, so add handy stuntman to the list. He lives in Topanga Canyon, CA with his wife and filmmaking partner, Toby Poser, and their two kids, Lulu and Zelda

For RUMBLESTRIPS and Knuckle Jack, John turned his talents with a paintbrush to the Canon 5D; his way with music to the score. He's become good friends with Final Cut. When he's not shooting and co-directing, he even finds time to get in front of the camera. (Sometimes simultaneously.)

He lives in Topanga Canyon, CA with his wife and filmmaking partner, Toby Poser, and their two kids, Lulu and Zelda.

Toby Poser

After graduating from Tulane University with a BFA in Acting, Toby Poser moved to New York and began acting in stage productions Off-Broadway (like Mike Leigh's ECSTASY by the New Group) and regionally. For three years she filled the role of GUIDING LIGHT's wicked "Malibu Madam" Amanda Spaulding, all the while acting in other TV classics like all of the various LAW & ORDERs and in independent films like Sundance darlings THE INCREDIBLY TRUE ADVENTURE OF 2 GIRLS IN LOVE and STEAL ME. As a voice over artist, her voice has been heard on numerous national campaigns, including the Progressive Auto Insurance commercials with Flo. See also her complete résumé, and acting reel, VO demos, and agency contact info.

Aside from producing RUMBLESTRIPS and Knuckle Jack, she also co-directed and co-wrote the scripts with her husband and creative partner, John Adams, and acts alongside John and their two daughters Lulu and Zelda Adams.

Toby lives in Topanga Canyon, CA with her husband and creative partner, John Adams, and their girls, Lulu and Zelda.

Lulu Adams

Lulu was born and bred in New York City. While there she occasionally appeared in TV commercials and ad campaigns like GapKids. At ten Lulu moved with her family for the lush mountains and creative community of Topanga Canyon, CA.

For her first film Rumblestrips Lulu and her sister, Zelda, won Best Supporting Actor Awards from the Best Actors (in a) Film Festival.

Aside from working the camera/sound and acting for Wonder Wheel, Lulu plays club and Varsity soccer, runs track, and likes to surf, travel and photograph/write about food in her blog Love, Lulu.

Zelda Adams

Zelda Adams was born in New York City. At eight months she appeared with her mother (Toby Poser) in the Montana-shot feature SteaL Me which premiered at Sundance. At five she moved to Topanga Canyon, CA with her family, where she began acting in school stage productions. Zelda has won acting awards on the indie circuit for her performances in both Rumblestrips and Knuckle Jack. Aside from club soccer, Zelda also plays drums and loves drawing and photography.